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Summer 2017 Beauty Must Haves! – #1

Hey makeup addicts!

These products are what I believe to be beauty must haves with summer arriving! I will posting these maybe once a month through out the summer.

Screen_Shot_2016-05-21_at_10.36.14_AM_compact1. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer Eyeshadow Palette-  $45

I have talked about this eyeshadow palette in a post from last year, and I am still in love with it. I cannot say enough that the pans for the shadows are so big, and every single color is highly pigmented. I could honestly use this palette everyday and either get a natural look, get a pinky, summer look, or if I am going out, I would create a dark smoky eye.


25034902. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – $31

In my last post, I had recommended this setting spray. This is a big summer recommend because no matter how hot or humid it gets, your makeup will stay in place for the whole day. This is made for all skin types, and overtime will not make the surface cakey.




This should have probably been number one for this must have list..but this is really the most important. SUNSCREEN. This will keep the surface of the skin on your face and your whole body protected. Honestly, you can use any kind with the highest SPF at your local drug store. I have learned the hard way in the past that sunscreen in these coming hot days will be your best friend..If you are still wanting to wear makeup but keep your face protected at the same time, use a good layer of sunscreen before applying foundation.

8053672256123_shad_fr4. Sunglasses!! 

Though I had just learned this not too long ago, Sunglasses are a great thing for keeping your face looking younger and help prevent less wrinkles to your eye area. A great pair of UV Protection sunglasses will prevent what people call “Crows Feet” or “Smile Lines” in the corner of your eye. Those are commonly caused by squinting in the bright sun.


22420155. Derma-E Anti Wrinkle Renewal Cream

I learned from my Aunt that starting anti-aging steps early in life is the best time, so you can always keep your skin looking young and fresh. I have been using this cream for the last couple months and I have noticed that my skin has lifted a little bit and it keeps my skin soft. I recommend this for summer because it also keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day, and it won’t get as dry as it would without a moisturizer. This can also be used as a moisturizer before applying makeup and it won’t make it oily or hard to blend. But, this is a great cream to use twice a day, once in the morning and once before you go to bed.

XOXO- Melanie

*Thank you for reading my Summer 2017 Beauty Must Haves – here within a month I will have a second Summer list to share with everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed and/or found this helpful or useful in anyway! 🙂 *

**All pictures from this post are from and – these are not my pictures – I usually do not take pictures from other sites..this is for the time being!!**



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